Kanon 本人支持網絡正典運動,承諾將竭力守護香港網絡大典,努力提升固有條目之內容品質,並杜絕網典流氓化

Hello! My name is ComeOn. :-D

I'm an inclusionist and eventualist:

  • Inclusionism is the philosophy that favours adding, keeping and improving contents over deleting them. Inclusionists believe that there is little harm in keeping information. Deletion is not performed unless really necessary. Inclusionists also take a more open-minded look at content criteria. After all, more information doesn't hurt.
  • Eventualism is the philosophy that focuses on the eventual value or result of a project in the long-term rather than the immediate value in the short term. Eventualists believe material will improve in the long term and so they trust the process. It is okay to keep material which is problematic now because it will be improved some day as information on the topics become more widely available. After all, this project is always work-in-progress. This project has no deadline.
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